Southeast Asia: Itinerary

Okay, folks.

My bags are close to being packed, and ready or not tomorrow morning I'm flying away to Bangkok. Previous attempts to meet up with Hotlist fans kind of went down the crapper in the past, but here's the provisional itinerary. In case you're in the neighborhood and fancy a drink.;-)

Provisional because traveling is never really set in stone, and you never know what you'll see or who you'll encounter that will suddenly make you change your mind. But here is how it's supposed to go down:

January 22nd: Depart Montreal


January 23rd: Arrive in Bangkok
January 24th to 26th: Bangkok
January 27th: Ayuthaya
January 28th and 29th: Sukhothai
January 30th and 31st: Lampang
February 1st to 3rd: Chiang Mai
February 4th to 6th: Phuket (Karon Beach)
February 7th to 9th: Ko Phi Phi
February 10th to 12th: Ko Lanta
February 13th: Phuket Town


February 14th to 17th: Kuala Lumpur
February 18th to 20th: Cameron Highlands
February 21st: Pulau Penang (Georgetown)
February 22nd to 24th: Pulau Langkawi (Pantai Cenang)
February 25th and 26th: Melaka


February 27th to March 2nd: Singapore
March 3rd: Flight to Montreal

I'm also posting this itinerary on Facebook. So if any of my friends were not aware that I'll be kicking back in Southeast Asia for about 6 weeks and you want to join me for a while, let me know!=)

Take it easy, guys. I know I will!:P

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Jebus said...

5 days in Singapore? I'd make a day trip to Malaysia if I were you as 5 days in Singapore is overkill.

Anyway, you're in Bangkok on Jan 26th which is Australia Day, so find an Aussie Pub and get sloshed with the greatest people in the world celebrating a day they know very little about and attempting to sing the first verse of a national anthem they barely know the words to. Trust me, it's awesome.

Steve MC said...

Here's adventure as described by explorer Richard Bangs:

"It’s embracing the unexpected, stepping off the beaten path, and finding delight when things don’t go as planned."

Have a great adventure.

NerdyMe said...

You will have a great time there. Beautiful beaches, cheap and fancy resorts, and all that good food!!!

I had been there many times and I love it, when I was a kid, it one of my family's favorite vaction spot since it's only 3 hours flight from where we lived... Unlike now, it's so far away and costs so much more if I have to go there for vacation, it will be cheaper for me to vacation in San Diego....

Bryce L. said...

I'm so jealous, that's awesome.


Anonymous said...

hi pat, im your fan from singapore!!

I would like to inform you that this year's chinese lunar new year falls in feb. it sstarts on 13/02/09 (sat - eve of chinese lunar new year)and lasts for another 15days. For singapore, 15 -16/02/09 are public holidays. (may differ in different countries)

Typically during this period, many shops may be closed (the entire day!) and hence it would be best if you would check up on opening hours of the places you would be visiting during this period.


Todd said...

Have fun!!

OmarB said...

thats fantastic =D , penang is a wonderful place to visit, food heaven, my beloved island. hope you have a great time, greetings from penang island

KimmoO said...

Hi Pat!

When in Singapore remember to try hainanese chicken and rice and roti prata (really nice indian dish). Good prata should be found at least from River valley. Ask locals where to get the best hainanese chicken and rice.