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You'll come to understand that there are times when any sign of fairness or decency is only perceived as weakness, that there are times when only being a tyrant will suffice for the greater good. You will wonder, time and again, if you're rationalizing when you do what must be done. Remember that when a male ruler does what is necessary, he is a strong and forceful leader of his people. When a woman does exactly the same, she's a cruel bitch who is extreme and unfair.


It's better to be a just tyrant who provides freedom than a dead ruler who tried to be fair in an unfair world.

- L. E. MODESITT, JR., Arms-Commander (Canada, USA, Europe)

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

1. I would say that the "it's better to be..." determination can only be made by the leader in question.

2. A tyrant, even a just one, can never provide freedom. It's antithetical to the very nature of the word.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous:

A fair point, but here's a retort:

If you're familiar with the webcomic "Girl Genius", Klaus Wulfenbach is, by all definitions of the word, a tyrant. However, he pretty much leaves everyone alone and only has two rules: Bend the knee to the Wulfenbach Empire and inform him if any of The Other's artifacts are found.

He only does the job because no one else can do it, and if he could give it up, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

However, many of the citizens of Pax Wulfenbach enjoy a large amount of freedom. Heck, their even allowed to make fun of him.

So, my point being; there are exceptions to every ruler.