Brian Ruckley on killing characters

If you have read The Godless World trilogy, you are aware that Brian Ruckley can be as ruthless as George R. R. Martin when it comes to killing major characters. And the author wrote a piece on the topic for Orbit Books' website.

Here's a brief extract:

So, in my trilogy The Godless World, quite a few characters don’t make it through to the end. That’s ‘quite a few’ in the sense of ‘quite a lot’, which when you think about it is an odd little quirk of the English language. Anyway, more than one reader noted the frequency with which significant players in the plot meet with abrupt and terminal misfortune. I’m hardly the first fantasy author to explore that particular territory in recent years, but I’d like to assure people that this kind of thing isn’t always easy for the author.

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4 commentaires:

WonderBunny said...

I have no idea what I think I about him killing characters off. I barely made it through the first book in this series because I was so bored. Too much military detail and not enough real adventure or interesting characters.

Anonymous said...

The series as a whole, all three books were very good,Ruthann states that there was to much milltary detail stuff, but it was a series about war, and in war there are battles and battels need Generals all the way to the guys slogging away and dying in the trenches. I will recomend to any who read this comment, just the fact that you are on this site and reading means you like what i like, so read and enjoy, cause it's not bad..

Unknown said...

I concur anon, its a fine series well worth a read.

Allan said...

I am about 2/3 of the way through Winterbirth , and really enjoying it.

I won Fall of Thanes on a give away on the hotlist, so Bloodheir is on its way from Amazon.

If the quality of the first book is any indication then im amazed Ruckley isn't discussed more in internet circles , there isn't a huge gulf between his writing and the likes of Abercrombie or Lynch.