David Louis Edelman contest winners!

Three winners will get their hands on a copy of David Louis Edelman's Geosynchron, compliments of the folks at Pyr. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Moreover, our grand prize winner will receive a full set of The Jump 225 trilogy. Which means that alongside Geosynchron, the prize pack includes:

- Infoquake (Canada, USA, Europe)
- MultiReal (Canada, USA, Europe)

The winners are:

Grand prize: S. Khaw, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

- Dejan Skoric, from Guelph, Ontario, Canada

- Jason Bridgman, from Pickering, Ontario, Canada

- Spencer Davis, from St. George, Utah, USA

Many thanks to all the participants!=)

3 commentaires:

Jim Shannon said...

From one Edmontonian to another Way to go S. Khaw :-)

Unknown said...

thank you very much for this book. I am going to start reading it as soon as I finish Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon.
BTW, Morgan's book is great. Thank you for recommending it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just got back from a holiday and was pleasantly surprised to receive my prize in the mail. Am half way through book #1 already!

-S. Khaw