Malaysia photo album

Finally found the time to upload some pics on Facebook last night. Which means that there is now a Malaysia photo album comprised of 105 pictures for you to check out. Follow this link to peruse the album.

For some reason, most Westerners visit Thailand and Singapore, but they steer clear of Malaysia. Probably due to the fact that it's a Muslim country, which is stupid. If tourists did their homework, then they would know that Malaysia is a wonderful country that has a lot to offer. And the price tag isn't much more expensive than in Thailand. So by Western standards, Malaysia is a real bargain.

I wasn't able to visit the east coast due to the fact that the monsoon season wasn't over yet, but I'll definitely return to Malaysia at some point to finish the job. Hopefully sooner than later. . .

Meanwhile, here's to hoping that these photos from Kuala Lumpur and around, the Cameron Highlands, Georgetown, Langkawi, and Melaka will entice you enough that you might give this beautiful country and its friendly people a chance. Take it from me: You won't regret it!=)

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drey said...

OMG! You were in M'sia?? I was born and raised there. KL girl at heart here... My parents are both from Melaka. Langkawi is beautiful! And when you go back, you have to spend a few days at Tanjung Jara, a beach resort in Trengganu, on the east coast of peninsula Malaysia.