What to read next???

Here's another list to complement the one I posted a few weeks back. Between these various shameless plugs, you should have more than enough recommendations to fill up those Christmas present lists!:-)

And remember: Used or New, anything bought through the Amazon links helps raise funds for Breast Cancer research! And since most of these works are available in paperback, that means that you get more bang for your buck, pound, euro, or whatever the heck you use!:p

- Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods (Canada, USA, Europe) and The Sign and the Seal (Canada, USA, Europe).

Entertaining and thought-provoking books about ancient civilizations and forbidden knowledge from mankind's past. Good stuff!

- Ian McDonald's excellent Hugo nominees, River of Gods and Brasyl. Some of the best scifi novels of the last few years.

- Peter Watts' Hugo nominee, Blindsight.

- Hal Duncan's totally fucked up The Book of All Hours, Vellum and Ink.

- George R. R. Martin's impressive collection of short fiction, Dreamsongs, Volume 1 and Dreamsongs, Volume 2.

- Jeff Somers' high-octane cyberpunk/noir scifi thrillers, The Electric Church and The Digital Plague.

- Joel Shepherd's action-packed Cassandra Kresnow novels, Crossover, Breakaway, and Killswitch.

- Sergei Lukyanenko's wonderful urban fantasy novels, The Night Watch and The Day Watch.

- Melanie Rawn's urban/paranormal fantasy book, Spellbinder.

- S. L. Farrell's underrated A Magic of Twilight.

- R. Scott Bakker's disturbing thriller, Neuropath.

- Melinda Snodgrass' compelling The Edge of Reason.

- Dan Simmons' cold-as-ice The Terror.

For even more recommendations, simply click on the link to the Index of Reviews and Interviews!

Happy Holidays!;-)

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Definitely will read "The Terror" within the next one or two books waiting on my shelf. I figure I'll hold on until the cold depths of January ...

Jebus said...

I quite enjoyed the Cassandra Kressnov trilogy so can second that recommendation.

ediFanoB said...

Some intresting titles on your list. Unfortuntely they are only available as hardcover (S L Farrell, Melinda Snodgras). And due to space and money I only buy pocket books.