Another WTF moment!

I met an Austrian girl through CouchSurfing and I'm helping her find a flat in Montreal. Here's an ad she found on Craigslist:

130ft² - Female wanted. FREE rent & food in exchange for FWB (Outremont available Now)

Looking to exchange rent and food in a very clean, modern and large house in a very desirable location close to everything for benefits and maybe is some even more twisted way, the stars somehow align, this could actually become a relationship. Weed is also included. So is laundry and wireless internet.

Room is large and furnished with night stand, bed, large armoire and large closest.

Im muscular,a thinker/athlete/pothead/philosopher, so there is a clue as to why I am writing this post. I dont need a woman for orgasms. I want one for intimacy, affection, cuddling, talking, sharing and sex. If I cant find emotional intimacy with this post, I dont want the sex. I can masturbate.

You must think Im fat and ugly if I am that lonely to post something this rediculous, but actually, most women look long or twice when Im in my 501's and a t-shirt. Im 42, 6ft tall with references.haha] but with a manly baby face and virtually no wringles and I have no kids.
Im also naturally muscular, love sleeping and showers, nature and competing in sports and pleasuring a woman orally. There is nothing I like more than that and kissing.

What's might be even stranger than this post, is if you met me, you would feel comfortable right away. Im not creepy at all, I just cant find a mind and body connection, so I have resorted to think and see what happens.

I eat mostly organic and no poisons disguised as food

This post is clearly very bizarre and if i was reading it , I would think so too but maybe someone out there is lonely like me and needs a warm , clean place to stay is the safest part of the city, where woman walk at any hour and dont feel fear.24 hr bus outside the door and who is also lonely

You can be alone or with up to one 1 kid.

Most things are within 5 min walk. MT-Royal is 15 min walk away.

If you would like to know more, please send me an email with as many question you have.

This is not a joke. . .

And women say romance is dead!!! :P

10 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the guy for knowing what he wants, and at least he's self-aware enough to call himself out for making an odd request like that. No worse than going cruisin' for anonymous 'tang on the weekend. As someone who is absolutely fed up with the dating scene myself - I say good for him.

Xenophon said...

Wow... I thought I had seen it all.

Are the duct tape, sleeping pills,
and lube provided too?

Who knows, maybe it's just a very lonely, honest guy. But I would definitely say there are some underlying issues there. Tenant beware-

Anonymous said...

I was so moved..I almost answered the ad myself.


Ayaaki Osawa said...

He seems pretty honest, I'm not sure I see a problem with the ad. Go meet him with ferocious dog somewhere public..

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for him. He was digging himself into a hole deeper and deeper the more you read of it.

Anonymous said...

What is even more pathetic is that you posted this. You must have some deep psychological issues in that you want to be this person or be a woman and move in with him. Seek therapy.

machinery said...

that guy's my hero.
he says what he wants and what he will give.
yes, it's distastefull and it takes a certain personality i guess, but are we all that different ?

Jebus said...

Yeah I think it's kind of cool. He's tried other avenues so why not this one? If I was a woman I wouldn't, simply because he has so much trouble with grammar, but apart from that he's probably saner and safer than some of the freaks you'd meet out at a night club.

Anonymous said...

Montreal? I thought Scott Bakker lived in London...

David Wagner said...

"Montreal? I thought Scott Bakker lived in London..."

LOL, omg thanks Anon for the belly laugh... that was awesome...