New Steven Erikson podcast

There is a new podcast featuring Steven Erikson out there, courtesy of the folks at Adventures in Scifi Publishing.

Topics include: the elements that cause societies to fail, readers fulfilling the Hero’s Journey through the accumulation of emotional context, the purpose of Homer’s work, inconsistencies in large stories, role playing games, feeling as if the muse had left him, and so much more.

You can check it out here.

4 commentaires:

Cecrow said...

This reader being on the hero's journey thing is quite an insight, a bit of "pulling back the curtain." I'll soon be reading this series, didn't find any spoilers in the interview and it was very enlightening, some good background for me going into it. Thanks!

Todd said...

Thanks Pat, sounds like a good interview!

Abalieno said...

I suggest reading "This River Awakens" if you want to know more about that specific purpose of the Malazan series.

It's as big revelation as it can be, very clear.

Scott said...

Thanks for the linkage Pat, this made my whole damn MONTH!