The Pat's Fantasy Hotlist World Tour hits the road again!

Yes, that's right!

In another attempt to get away from the savage Canadian winter, I'll be flying south where it's nice and warm. Right after the Holidays, I'll be chilling out for a couple of days in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

And then, I'll be off to charming Belize, with a brief stint in Guatemala to visit the Maya ruins of Tikal! Three weeks away from the cold and the snow!

Can't wait! ;-)

4 commentaires:

Joel said...

Enjoy! Visited Tikal a few years back and it was an awesome experience! If you have time, you should check out Lago Atitlan as well... supposed to be the world's prettiest lake, though it is an overnight bus ride from Tikal (well, or a short plane ride if you want to spend the $200).

Anonymous said...

Buddy How do you manage to have 3 weeks of vacation when the comon of mortals get 1 with luck? Anyway enjoy yours vacations.

Jorro said...

Glad you liked the hole :D I also plan some Tikal later that year. December 2012 OUGHT to be spent on the Mayan ruins :D

Deirdre said...

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