China Miéville talks about scholarly SFF

This from SFSignal:

From a September 2009 talk at The University of Kansas, China Miéville talks about scholarly genre fiction.

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machinery said...

is his writing as boring as his lecture ?
jeessuuuss, that was boring, and i'm far from being a fan of that guy.
still i started watching it.
holy hell, what a recepi for tumors.

Stefan said...

Then again you rarely have anything positive to say. About anything, regardless of the subject matter.

Joel said...

for a scholarly lecture, that was pretty damn interesting. what did you expect? jokes?

machinery said...

stefan - nothing positive about you, that for sure.

Stefan said...

How disarming. And profoundly adult.

machinery said...

stefan - why are you surprised about the answer ?
you attacked me.
for no reason.
but this is a useless exchange boring.
hmm ... maybe you should make a clud with meiville the "antisemite but i'll take kadafi's money any day" .

Anonymous said...

"stefan - why are you surprised about the answer ?
you attacked me.
for no reason."

You'd make a good politician. Demagogue style.

"meiville the "antisemite but i'll take kadafi's money any day""

Wow, you seem to be living in a fantasy world where you're celebrating eternal Opposite Day.

Stefan said...

Since when did this turn into a political debate?

I am solely talking about your puerile attitude here in the comment section.

Look, I don't know who took a cataclysmic dump in your cereal bowl, but stop frothing at your mouth for no reason whatsoever.

That's all am I going to say. Now go ahead and vent your frustration by lashing out at me.

machinery said...

no frustration stefan and coward anonymous dude.
i have nothing to say to the opressor turned victim.
changing roles, isn't that a literature means for something or other, stefan ?
i saw in your website that you're an aspiring writer.
maybe you can write about that.

Marion said...

I thought there were jokes. I thought the Wall Street Journal remark was quite humorous.

Paula said...

I was at that talk. Definitely literary.

The previous day he gave a book reading of Kraken, before it was released. That was a more typical author/fan interaction-I even got my picture taken with him.