Cover art and lineup for SONGS OF LOVE & DEATH edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

This from GRRM's Not a Blog:

The lineup:

-Jim Butcher, "Love Hurts" (a Harry Dresden story)
-Jo Beverly, "The Marrying Maid"
-Carrie Vaughn, "Rooftops"
-M.L.N. Hanover, "Hurt Me"
-Cecelia Holland, "Demon Lover"
-Melinda M. Snodgrass, "The Wayfarer's Advice" (an Imperials story)
-Robin Hobb, "Blue Boots"
-Neil Gaiman, "The Thing About Cassandra"
-Marjorie M. Liu, "After the Blood"
-Jacqueline Carey, "You and You Alone" (a Kushiel story)
-Lisa Tuttle, "His Wolf"
-Linnea Sinclair, "Courting Trouble"
-Mary Jo Putney, "The Demon Dancer"
-Tanith Lee, "Under/Above the Water"
-Peter S. Beagle, "Kashkia"
-Yasmine Galenorn, "Man in the Mirror"
-Diana Gabaldon, "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows" (an OUTLANDER spinoff)

The anthology will be published in hardback in November. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

3 commentaires:

Doug said...

Nice to see Tanith Lee is still writing. I read the first two of her Flat Earth series from the late 70's a couple of years ago and thought they had many original elements and interesting concepts.

Jens said...

@ Doug (somewhat OT):

Tanith Lee is very much "still writing"!

BTW, Norilana is currently reprinting her Flat Earth series with two additional volumes, "Earth's Master" and "The Earth Is Flat", forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Q: When does a book need two editors?

A: When one of them isn't famous.