Another positive review!

Speculative Horizons will be released in about two months, and the anthology garnered another positive review! This time, it's the folks from who loved it.

Here's a brief excerpt:

And there you have it: five short stories ranging from good to stunning, and the chance to help support breast cancer research.

You can read Stefan's full review, in which he analyzes every short story, here.

In case you've missed it, there is an extract from C. S. Friedman's "Soul Mate" available, and a new teaser from Hal Duncan's "The Death of a Love" is coming soon.

If you want to help raise funds for cancer research, or if you are just curious and wish to give the anthology a shot, it's now available for pre-order via the Subterranean Press website. Otherwise, if you want to get it at a discount, it's also available on various Amazon sites: Canada, USA, Europe.

2 commentaires:

Chris V said...

Hey Patrick I have considered buying your anthology, ut for someone from Europe that would mean a 20 dollar book with a 17 dollar delivery. But I will be moving to the US in 3,5 months. So I will be getting it then. ;)

AJ said...

Patrick: I've been lurking on your site for years, and never left a comment. I've enjoyed all the reviews and new books that I'd never have found by myself. I've been consistently impressed by the quality of your reviews, interviews, general commentary and other items. So I'm not in the least bit surprised that your anthology is garnering great reviews -- from what I've read on your site, I surmise that you wouldn't settle for anything but excellence. Many congratulations!