Musical Interlude

This song will forever remind me of the best Contiki tour ever! Our Simply Italy tour of May 2001 was the absolute shit and one the main reasons why I became the globetrotter I am today.

This tune takes me back to Florence, Italy. If you've been there and you like to party, then chances are that you spent a night at the popular Space Electronic disco. It's the place where foreign girls officially lose faith in Florentine men in particular, and Italian men in general!

We had an authentic Toscan dinner in the hills earlier that evening. It was an all-you-can-drink red/white wine affair, so I was loaded when they dropped us off at the club. The drinks were expensive and the exchange rate was killing me, but I nonetheless spent a little fortune dancing the night away.

Can't quite remember much, other than the Florentine guys hitting on foreign chicks like their plane was going down, and the fact that someone (don't know who or why) drove a few of us back to the hotel in a black convertible, speeding dangerously through the narrow cobblestone streets of Florence. That and this Jennifer Lopez track.

All in all, a great night!

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