A starred review from Publishers Weekly for SPECULATIVE HORIZONS!!!

This from the Subterranean Press website:

Patrick St.-Denis’s novella length anthology, Speculative Horizons, containing new tales by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (a new Recluce Saga story), C. S. Friedman, Brian Ruckley, Tobias S. Buckell, and Hal Duncan is now safely ensconced at our printer, undergoing the transmogrification that will take it from a set of files into those lovely bits of paper and cloth we call books.

Meanwhile, coverage has just started sprouting. In their current issue, Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review, saying “This impressive anthology proves that good things come in small packages…The thoughts provoked by these stories will linger long after the reading is over, as will the book’s real-world effects: a portion of the profits will be donated to fund research into a cure for breast cancer.”

The website Fantasy Literature reviewed Speculative Horizons as well, touching on each of the tales in detail, and summing the book up thusly: “And there you have it: five short stories ranging from good to stunning…”

One final note: The print run for Speculative Horizons is not robust, just 200 signed limited copies and 1000 trade copies. The last anthology we did with a similar print run, A Fantasy Medley edited by Yanni Kuznia, now goes for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market, when you can even locate a copy.

A starred review in Publishers Weekly!?! Now that's very cool!

I'm told that haters on Twitter were more than a little shocked when the anthology started getting positive reviews. They opined that with an idiot like me at the helm, it was surely a stroke of dumb luck that Speculative Horizons didn't turn out to be crap.

Well, seems like my luck is holding up. . . ;-)

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Adam Whitehead said...

Had a quick flick through and looks good so far. Will hopefully get a review in ASAP, though have another book to get out the way first.