Anyone read this book???

Just received a review copy of Tim Lebbon's Echo City (Canada, USA, Europe). It looks pretty good, but I can't find any reviews about it. Has anyone read and enjoyed it?

Here's the blurb:

Surrounded by a vast, poisonous desert, Echo City is built upon the graveyard of its own past. Most inhabitants believe that their city and its subterranean Echoes are the whole of the world, but there are a few dissenters. Peer Nadawa is a political exile, forced to live with criminals in a ruinous slum. Gorham, once her lover, leads a ragtag band of rebels against the ruling theocracy. Nophel, a servant of that theocracy, dreams of revenge from his perch atop the city’s tallest spire. And beneath the city, a woman called Nadielle conducts macabre experiments in genetic manipulation using a science indistinguishable from sorcery. They believe there is something more beyond the endless desert . . . but what?

It is only when a stranger arrives from out of the wastes that things begin to change. Frail and amnesiac, he holds the key to a new beginning for Echo City—or perhaps to its end, for he is not the only new arrival. From the depths beneath Echo City, something ancient and deadly is rising. Now Peer, Gorham, Nophel, and Nadielle msut test the limits of love and loyalty, courage and compassion, as they struggle to save a city collapsing under the weight of its own history.

The Kathleen Lynch cover art caught my attention, and the blurb piqued my curiosity. I have a few Tim Lebbon novels awaiting my attention, but I have yet to give this author a shot.

Wouldn't mind beginning with Echo City, but I'd like to know if it's any good. . .

There is an extract available here.

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machinery said...

hmm ... sounds like a future post apocalypse type of book, looks interesting, but to be honest i don't realy remember reading a good book in this genre, except silverberg's book(forgot the name), which is loosely in this genre.

Gregory said...

I have not read the novel but Tim Lebbon's story in Swords and Dark Magic was a great creepy and gory read with a very satisfying ending. It was set in the world of Echo City and I'm looking toward to reading the novel

Anonymous said...

I understand that his horror books are good. However, I read his first foray into F/SF, "Dusk", which I thought was terrible.

J. Lynn

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one but I loved his novel Dusk. This one is set in the same world and it's a pretty damn cool world, I'm going to have to get it.
He has a short story in the Swords and Dark Magic anthology from earlier this year called The Deification of Dal Bamore:A Tale from Echo City. I liked it a lot and I assume it has something to do with the Echo City novel.
KR Reid

Neth said...

I got a copy too - I thought it might be a MMPB release. Honestly, the bits of Tim Lebbon fiction I've read to date haven't impressed me. But there was an Echo City short story in the Swords and Dark Magic Anthology that was one of the better storeies, so I may give this a try.

craig said...

Tim Lebbon is consistently one of the best horror/genre writers around today. His short fiction, especially, Paying the Ghost is outstanding. I enjoyed Dusk and Dawn, set in the world of Noreela,a nd have this in my digital TBR pile, but it looks great.