A conversation with the Malazan co-creators

At the World Fantasy Convention, Tor.com set up a chat with Steven Erikson, author of the forthcoming The Crippled God (Canada, USA, Europe) and Ian Cameron Esslemont, author of the upcoming Stonewielder (Canada, USA, Europe).

Here's a brief teaser:

We've been pretty firm on future plans for some time. Even as Cam has been telling me about the Darujhistan novel (which was always coming next), I have been telling him about the first Kharkanas novel (The Forge of Darkness): what makes this such a blast is each of us finding out what happens to various characters, so in that sense we're just like all you readers.

Follow this link to read the whole thing!

2 commentaires:

Todd said...

I was lucky enough to take part and ask some questions during the 2 hour discussion. It was very awesome! Not everyday these two kings of fantasy get together and tag team your questions almost instantly. It was such a treat and an honor!

Jeff said...

I'd like to check this out, but can anyone tell me if there are Dust of Dreams spoilers in it, please?