Lesbian Vampire Killers

It's been a while since I've laughed this much! Just when you think that you're totally blasé with the whole vampire fad, something like this movie comes along!

Lesbian Vampire Killers is a pseudo-horror flick that doesn't take itself very seriously. This movie does to vampires what Shawn of the Dead did to zombies.

Check it out!

Here's the trailer:

Lesbian Vampire Killers - BANDE-ANNONCE VO
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5 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

So are they

lesbians that kill vampires??


people that kill lesbian vampires??

BIG difference!! ;)

Patrick said...

Watch the trailer and you'll see! :P

Anonymous said...

Shaun of the Dead was way better...

Jebus said...

You're kidding me right? I love hot lesbians and vampires are fun, but this was one of the most stupid and bran dead films I've ever seen! The idea has great potential but frankly, they fucked it up.

Esther said...

It's 6:30am and I've just laughed myself awake with that clip.
Doubt I'd pay to see it at the cinema but it's a great way to start the morning!