Game of Thrones Emmy Nominations

This from Westeros:

The HBO TV series Game of Thrones racked up 13 nominations for the 2011 Emmy Awards:

- Best Drama Series: Game of Thrones
- Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
- Writing in a Drama Series: David Benioff and Dan Weiss for “Baelor”
- Direction in a Single-Camera Series: Timothy van Patten for “Winter is Coming”
- Casting in a Drama Series: Nina Gold and Robert Sterne
- Costumes for a Drama Series: Michelle Clapton and Rachael Webb-Crozier for “The Pointy End”
- Hairstyling in a Single-Camera Series: Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks for “A Golden Crown”
- Main Title Design: Angus Wall, Robert Feng, Kirk H. Shintani, and Hameed Shaukat
- Non-prosthetic Makeup in a Single-Camera Series: Paul Engelen and Melissa Lackersteen for “Winter is Coming”
- Prosethtic Makeup in a Series: Paul Engelen and Conor O’Sullivan for “A Golden Crown”
- Sound Editing for a Series: Stefan Hendrix, Tim Hands, Michelle McCormack, Steve Fanagan, Andy Kennedy, Jon Stevenson, Robin Whittaker, Caoimhe Doyle, and Eoghan McDonnell
- Special Visual effects for a Series: Adam McInnes, Angela Barson, Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, Raf Morant, Henry Badgett, Damien Mace, Stuart Brisdon, and Graham Hills
- Stunt Coordination: Paul Jennings

Great news!

9 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

SO happy for all the nominations, but I still feel like there were snubs

Daddy said...

As much as I'd like to see many deserving folk win I have to think that Dinklage must win for best supporting actor and they must win for best title design.

C.B. said...

I agree with everything but Best Drama series and Writing in a Drama series. I could argue about the Best Supporting Actor but it's useless to try and understand the Emmy people.

Todd said...

I am stoked about this list! (Happy to see another nod to Dexter too, Michael C. Hall and the gang are amazing).

I'd like to have seen Sean Bean on the list. I have been torn over Tyrion since the beginning. Although I feel Dinglage is deserving of an award and did a great job, it's just not the same Tyrion to me. He comes across as a little too pretty and more arrogant. But you can't really compare source material to TV if you want to be fair. So great job and congrats to him and everyone else nominated!

machinery said...

what is a title design category ?

Mattias said...

it's when they play the "theme song" and the credits roll in the beginning of the show.

Elfy said...

I'd like to see the show scoop the pool and win everything, but really think Baelor deserves whatever it gets. That was outstanding television!

Anonymous said...

peter dinklage FTW!!!

FINALLY a genre series that's actually getting some (gasps!) RECOGNITION!!!

Jebus said...

A lot of technical categories that don't get shown on the TV awards thingy, but still very cool. I highly doubt they'll get Drama and Supporting actor but I think the title sequence is a shoe in, probably costumes as well.