Girls of Geek 2012 Calendar

From the Girls of Geek website:

What is Girls Of Geek all about?

We are putting together a yearly calendar of nothing but geeky women showing what being a geek is really about! The calendar will showcase all things geeky from video games, mobile devices, computers, gaming, comic books, and everything geeky in-between! We are currently taking submissions for models for the 2012 Calendar and sponsors from any companies looking at getting involved. More on what we are looking for below.

For the models!!!!

We all love calendars. We all need to know what day it is right? Girls of Geek along with some other awesome ass geek sites are getting together to make the greatest geek calendar ever! What are we looking for in the calendar you say? Let us tell you!

Pictures must be clean. We are looking for sexy but not raunchy. No Nudity! Pose how you want but remember do it in a sexy but clean kind of way.

When you send in your pictures we love seeing what your face looks like but with it being a full calendar we also need to see the rest of you. Multiple pictures really help us pick our models.

We are looking for geeky poses and layouts. We want to capture what being a girl geek is really all about. Take some pics of you doing what you love. Playing video games, building computers, playing on phones or gadgets, well you get the idea. Have some fun with the layouts. The more into them the more chance of them being picked for the calendar.

All models must be 18 or older. If you are picked as a model you will need to sign a waiver letting Girls of Geek use your photos. Submitted photos will be verified to make sure you are not some really old guy that lives in a basement somewhere and pretends to be a hot geeky woman.

We will be donating a portion of all sales to The Breast Cancer Research Fund (so it is for a good cause). You may talk about the Girls of Geek Calendar on any website, blog, or show that you want but any information about the calendar or pictures will remain embargoed (not talked about) until the release of the calendar. Pictures will remain property of Girls of Geek. Calendars will only be sold through approved channels

You can also find out more about the progress of the calendar and the models who will be part of the project on the Girls of Geek Facebook page.

So far, Kristen Nedopak, Hailey Bright, SassiBob, Moony, and SuicideBob have signed up as models for the 2012 calendar. And since it's for a worthy cause (the same one I supported with the Speculative Horizons anthology), I'm more than happy to help spread the word!

In any event, who doesn't love beautiful geekettes!?! :P

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Blodeuedd said...

Nice :)
Oh now I would love to take part, I am a really geeky girl. But I do not think bf would take one of me so that I could send one ;)

GunMetalBlue said...

Great cause, and ...when can I buy it?!

Dream Girlzzz said...

Come on, man!

You would have pimped this even if it wasn't for such a great cause!

Patrick said...

Hey! What gives!?!

How dare you piss on my upstanding guy image like that!?!

You know I don't really look at girls...

Super Happy Jen said...

Next, a Guys of Geek Calendar to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research.

GunMetalBlue said...

*recalls Pat's trips through Eastern Europe and his thoughts about the female population of Poland*


machinery said...

what, you think i bothered with whatever it was you or anyone wrote ?
the picture was enough dude, it was enough.