Peter Jackson's production videos for The Hobbit

Can't say I'm thrilled that they've split this movie into two installments, what with the book being so short as it is.

But I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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Jamie Sedgwick - Jeramy Gates said...

When I heard they were making two separate movies I thought it might be overkill too, but I've read that there's a lot of new material that wasn't in the book. What that means apparently, is that PJ will delve into the adventures of Gandalf and other behind-the-scenes activities that led up to Lord of the Rings.

I believe there may be references to some of this material in the unfinished works that Christopher Tolkien published after his father's death, but I'm not sure because I haven't read those books. I did read that there were certain elements they couldn't show, because of not having movie rights to the later works.

Anonymous said...

The movies will have extra stuff not in the book like the fight against the necromancer so I'm not surprised. Tolkien could also fit a lot of story into a small space.

amysrevenge said...

Yeah, my own first reaction was "why two movies" also.

Then I started listing off things that would be in there. Just from the book, there is a LOT of material to cover. The Battle of Five Armies lasts barely a couple of pages in the book, but I'm sure PJ will make it a 20 minute action sequence...

And then you start to think of other things to add in:

White Council meeting
The Necromancer's dungeon
The Dwarf vs. Goblin backstory
Framing the story with LotR-era characters