New Canadian cover art for the trade paperback edition of Guy Gavriel Kay's UNDER HEAVEN

I love it!

This new trade edition of Under Heaven sports a Tang Dynasty painting on the cover and will also contain a Book Club readers guide. It will be released in September 2011.

3 commentaires:

Baptiste said...

This edition looks really nice and fits the book like a glove. And it is such a great book, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Kevin A. Smith said...

I second the high recommendation for "Under Heaven". I really enjoy Kay's later work and this is the best one from him that I've read.

The cover is beautiful. How come all the great covers are in the UK or Canada? We want nice covers in the US too!

Caligula_K said...

Love this cover. Especially compared to the generic sword cover they gave the MMPB... I did like the hardcover edition, but this one beats it, I'd say.