Calling on all Malazan fans!

If you're a fan of Steven Erikson's A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, then like me you've been salivating at the sight of Michael Komarck's gorgeous art commissioned for the Subterranean Press limited edition of Gardens of the Moon (Canada, USA, Europe).

The artist keeps a very tight schedule, and assorted deadlines prevent him from reading every novel he needs to illustrate. Hence, he asked me to help him in that regard, and I thought it would be a good idea to invite the entire Malazan family to the dance.

Komarck would like us to tell him six of our favorite moments/scenes from Gardens of the Moon we would like to see in the limited edition. Please submit them in the comment section.

This will help him quite a bit, and the book will be out much more rapidly if the artist doesn't have to second-guess everything he's doing. The art we've seen thus far as been incredible, so you can now help select what is coming next!
P. S. It looks as though there will be a Michael Komarck giveaway. . .;-)

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Anonymous said...

I am only going to leave 3 since that is all I want.

1) The Beginning battle with Moons Spawn hovering over the city, thousands of troops on the ground, magic everywhere, demon lords, all of that.

2) Lorn and Tool staring at the 'pyre' of tattersail and bellurdan over the plains.

3) The Jaghut and Silanah battling, with the other dragons on the ground, defeated around them, while Daru glows blue in the background.

Anonymous said...

The only one that comes to mind is Quick Ben talking to Shadowthrone. I know, this isn't really an action scene or anything but if it was done right it would be an amazing portrait of both of those characters, as well as the shadow realm.

Anonymous said...

1) Tool battling the Jaghut Tyrant would be amazing

2) Anything with Shadowthrone (including Hounds and Cotillion?)

3) The Bridgeburners

4) Silanah vs Jaghut Tyrant

5) Anomander vs. the Demon

Anonymous said...

1) Paran and Rake after Paran slays the hound

2)Kruppe and the gang at the bar

3) Bridgeburners as a road construction crew

4) Quick and Kalam following Nom.

5) Paran inside Dragnipur

Anonymous said...

Silanah and the tyrant doing battle would be fantastic.

For me there has to be something with the assassins/tiste andii on the rooftops

The fete. All the colours and characters, and Kruppe dozing inconspicuously...

Adam Whitehead said...

Rake fighting the demon is a must, I think.

I'm also fond of the image of Paran coming out of the warren on his horse right in the middle of Laseen's throne room, and Laseen looking unamused.

Perhaps also young Paran and Whiskeyjack looking over Malaz City?

Anonymous said...

1.Quick Ben talking with Shadowthrone would be cool, but the artist should remember that both of them are black men - which is mentioned only in latter volumes, IIRC.

2. The inside of Dragnipur.

3. Hounds of Shadow doing general mayhem.

4. The battle of Pale, but this is already done.

Anonymous said...

I must say Paran in the Dragnipur is a very important and memorable moment and would be nice to see represented here.

Otherwise maybe Rake standing with Dragnipur in his hands and the 2 dogs dead at his feet with the other standing back and Paran on his knees near the corpses?

Another scene that might be cool to see would be the battle between the Jaghut and the dragons.

Simeon said...

1) The Battle betwen Anomander Rake and the Demon.

2) The first rising of Tool from the earth, sword up.

3) Anything Jaghut related really :)

Unknown said...

1)Rake against the demon.

2)Silanah and the other dragons banking in on Raest :D

3)anything with the Hounds would be cool, perhaps when Rake kills the two would be a good scene.

Ran said...

Paran in Dragnipur, the great wagon attached by chains to all of its dead, would be very cool indeed.

Rake and the demon, yes.

Shadowthrone and the Hounds -- we see that at one point, no? Maybe when Quick Ben does his thing in the Shadow Warren where he gets a chat with Shadowthrone without the Ascendant quite realizing who he is, though I don't recall which book that was in.

The Jaghut against the dragons, definitely.

Crocus slipping into the bedroom with the noble's beautiful daughter asleep, intent on thievery, and merely getting himself into some hot (and fateful) water.

Something with Oponn, perhaps, the twins.

Sorry, in some way that shows the Bridgeburners' unease around her, maybe.

I really recommend that when the six images are settled on, that this is announced, and fans can be asked to help gather together references and notes to help make the scene accurate. Of course, the artist has to interpret it all as he feels is best, but getting a basic detail wrong (like Quick Ben's and Shadowthrone's skin color [although to be honest, I always imagined Shadowthrone wrapped in black robes with no or very little skin exposed; no one ever seemed to describe his face in the first several books, anyways, from my recollection]) would be unfortunate. :)

Jonathus said...

Deadhouse Gates: At Aren, with the crows, Duiker on the wall with Nether and Nil.
Memories of Ice: The Bridgeburners in Coral, or Tool fighting the Second (or was it the Third?)
House of Chains: Karsa forging his sword.
Midnight Tides: Iron Bars killing Rhulad, or fighting the Tarthenals in the graveyard.
Bonehunters: Y'Ghatan.
Reaper's Gale: Karsa fighting Rhulad.

Also, Trull and Quick Ben defending the Throne against Icarium is one of my favorite scenes, and I can't remember which book it is from (probably Bonehunters).

Anonymous said...

Re: Michal Jakuszewski Is Shadowthrone black? I never picked up on that... QB's described so in his first appearance though.


1)I third that Shadowthrone/QB image. Perhaps Shadowthrone agitated as QB vanishes.

2) Something with Hairlock, perhaps on the plain, or in Tattersail's room when Paran's protecting him.

3)I like the idea of Tool rising as well, it's one of the most distinctive images Malazan has to offer.

And possibly something involving Kruppe. Perhaps playing cards or whatever with the others

Anonymous said...

1) Opening scene at Pale, nuff said.

2) Something with Quick Ben and Shadowthrone and their conversation.

3) Rake showing up to fight the Hounds of Shadow and killing two of them with Paran watching.

4) Paran within Dragnipur. This sword is A HUGE MYSTERY TO ALL OF US AND WE'RE almost 8 BOOKS IN!!!

5) The Fete at Darujhistan with the possessed Mammot battling the bridgeburners.

6) The Eleint versus Raest, enuff said :p

Jaltus said...

Paran on his knees against Tattersail's guardians.

Inside Rake's sword.

Rake and the Demon.

QB and ST.

Jaghut and Silana.

Mat said...

I didn't like the "big" battles in the end too much, I'm afraid. I guess there's no way around them, but I hope there'll be more than just that.

The Hounds are a must. One scene I'd like to see is Tattersail attacked by ... err, don't remember which Hound, with Hairlock as puppet and Paran rushing to help. It would be great because you could have Thyr protective magic, some chaotic warren show from Hairlock, a Hound plus Paran's Oponn blessed sword.

Kruppe is another must to me. I love that guy, and him walking through the market or the feast working his magic (eg. eating) would rock. He might even be talking to somebody, somebody looking very annoyed and bored :)

Tool, well... I don't really care that much which scene with Tool is included (as he's more or less the same all through the first book) but him and adjunct Lorn seeing Tattersail go crisp would be great. Hopefully with him halfway out of the dust.

I hope they will include a few quiet scene like the Phoenix Inn, or Baruk's Lab, maybe with Crone bursting through the window. Crokus or Rallick Nom on the rooftops, with a nice view of the Blue City by night.

The house of the Azath defeating Raest would be nice too. Mainly because we'd get to see the Finniest House. Quick Ben realeasing his five warrens could be worked into that as well.

Personally, I'd save most of the Jaghut and Caladan Brood things for later (assuming there is a "later"). I'd also suggest that the fans are allowed to help fill in the details that are not described in that given scene (in these books particularily you gather information at ever turn...) while being careful not to include any obvious spoiler for things only unveiled much later in the series.

Can't wait to see them!

Unknown said...

1. The Andii mage assassins floating down to attack Kalam and QB on the roof tops.

2. When the newly formed Azath house claimed Raest.

3. The confrontation between Paran, the hounds, and Rake.

Abalieno said...

I have a fresh memory as I've just finished the book, so I'll list some of the main moments that would also look nice in an illustration, also paying attention to distribute them evenly through the book. The numbers are the related pages from the UK MM edition.

- Siege of Pale. We got this already, so no need to comment.

- Darujhistan. Just the city, but the city is the real protagonist of the book, so it deserves an illustration. I would do it as a flyby with the inner ocean and the city, at dusk. Remembering the few perks of the city: it is huger and more majestic than how it appears. It is supposed to be pure awe, the capital on that continent, and something the Malazan empress absolutely want out of pure aesthetic bliss. A jewel. The city is developed on three elevated tiers divided by walls (as it can be seen in the map), and should have a simil arab/exotic feel, corwded with buildings with flat tops, narrow alleys and all those empty clothes-lines. The weird K'rul belfry/temple at the very top. The green-blue glow through the whole city due to the gas laps ("Directly ahead lay the glittering jewelled cloak that was Darujhistan, casting into the sky a sapphire glow"). I would also put Moon's Spawn on the far sud-west, as it is supposed to be there and makes the scene even more evocative. 177-178

- Quick Ben and Hairlock in the warren of Chaos. With the wooden puppet at the apex of the cliff. 259-264

- Tattersail and Bellurdan embracing into the pillar of fire. This needs a compromise of detail and scale, as the figures are as important as the pillar, becoming a sign that will be seen from far, far away. 328-334

- Quick Ben goes to visit Shadowthrone. 383-384 393-398 I would remind here that the hounds are huge, scary demons. Not dogs with just glowing eyes. They are supposed to be a thing of power, not an idea of consuetude and normality.

- Kruppe, Crokus, Murillo and Coll, starting their journey from Darujhistan to the Jaghut barrow. This can be a nice scene to present some of the most important characters. The four going along the deserted hills, with Darujhistan far in the background and Sorry in pursuit, hiding somewhere behind, among self-produced shadows. This is hell to portray as Erikson gives physical descriptions of the characters through the whole book, and it's hard to track and put together. But it still makes a nice contrast to depict. Kruppe the fat, cherubic guy, looking always at ease and smiling, Crokus the young thief, Murillo the fine-dressed, noble one, Coll the big drunkard pretending to be a warrior. And Sorry in the distance, the young scary girl, looking like a deadly, menacing assassin in all black.449-553 464-465

- Paran (with the Oponn sword) and Anomander versus the hounds. Showing Anomander fighting and killing the two hounds. Noting that Anomander's sword is slightly taller than himself, and he is seven feet tall already. 470-475

OR - Paran and the hounds inside the sword, maybe with Oponn. 476-482

- Lorn and Tool inside the frozen Jaghut tomb, looking for the Finnest. 554-555

- Crokus and Apsalar looking at Moon's Spawn, far away, when the five dragons take off to go fight the Jaghut tyrant. 566-567

OR - The whole scene with the Jaghut tyrant moving forth (shrouded by fancy magic effects), the four black dragons and the huge red dragon hovering above, and the great raven overlooking as well. It should make an epic scene even if portraying the moments before the combat. 592-598 631-632

I wouldn't do anything after that, as Anomander versus the demon is a rather weak and superfluous scene that is actually anticlimatic compared to the previous with the five dragons and Jaghut. And there are more important scenes before that deserve a representation.

Hope it will be useful.

Rane Longfox said...

Hmm, let's see.

Shadowthrone and Cotillion surveying the wreckage of the legion that was attacked by hounds, with Sorry and the wax witch at the roadside.

Mammot at the fete after having been possessed by Raest, causing havoc.

Blues vs Lorn.

The Andii assassins decending on QB and Kalam, just after Rake arrives and QB releases Pearl the demon.

Rallick Nom on K'rul's belfry, battling a partially visible Vorcan.

Anonymous said...


Yes, indeed, Shadowthrone was black. It was mentioned several times here and there, most notably in Night of Knives, IIRC.

Anonymous said...

My favourite moments or the most picturesque? So hard to choose.

1. Paran arriving horseback at the Laseen throne room.

2. Rake fighting the Hounds of Shadow.

3. Inside of the Dragnipur – the souls dragging the carriage.

4. Tattersail/Belludaran/Nightchill arriving at the meeting at the bonefire in Kruppe’s dream.

5. Silanah against Raest.

6. Azath claiming Raest.

Battle at Pale is already done otherwise it’d be here too.
And I could go on but one has to know some limits.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see the meeting with dujek toc tays tattersail and the adjunct

also rellick nom fighting at the fete

the adjunct fighting the crimson swordsman~fingers i think

and maybe toc and paran on the plain being ambushed by hairlock

Anonymous said...

The mining tunnels during the siege. A scene centered on WhiskeyJack is surely a necessity?

Anonymous said...

From Grumble

Just one key event for me .... Page 124

Shadowthrone & Cortillion talk over Parans body, as his fate hangs in the balance, with a glimpse of Sorry moving away into the darkness of the alley sheathing her bloody daggers, all whilst a glinting coin spins on the cobbles just out of reach of parans outstretched hand.

Anonymous said...

1. The opening scene at Pale.
2. Tattersail and half of Hairlock waiting for the Bridgeburners on a hill of empty armour.
3. Raest versus Silannah and the other Soletaken dragons.
4. Rake and the Andii descending from Moon's Spawn onto Quick Ben and the demon Pearl.
5. Rake versus the Galayn Lord, and;
6. The duel at the Fete.

Here's hoping, mwahaha.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see any scene with Hairlock or Crone.

Anonymous said...

There's so many good suggestions here already, I'll just say, don't make it all battle scenes or action scenes. The picture above of Rake is too awesome for words. One should include the gang at Darujhistand like Kruppe and Crokus. I don't see any comments here for Sorry, so maybe she could appear in a scene too. After the battle of Pale is over and the Bridgeburners gather on the hilltop to do their thing with Hairlock might be a good scene should could be appear in.

Anonymous said...


Scotty said...

I'd like to have something with Tattersail. Because at the end of the day, I'm really all about the cheesecake.

Patrick said...

I've emailed SE to see what his choices would be...:-)

Jonathus said...

I now see that I totally failed to read your blog entry correctly. D'oh.

Many of my favorite scenes have already been rendered, but another I like is the Bridgeburners playing their crazy card game.

Anything showing Sorry, preferably fighting.

Anonymous said...

1. Rake Vs the Demon Lord
2. Silanah & black dragons Vs Raest
3. Crokus & Apsalar staring up at the moon
4. Tayschrenn (and his rolling fire), Nightchill, Belurdan and A'Kronys taking on Rake and Moon's Spawn
5. Quick and Kalam taking on the Andii assassins on the roof tops.
6. Paran on his horse trotting through the Hounds' carnage at Itko Kan (?)

Anonymous said...

Those not mentioned...
1) Rebirth of Tattersail/Silverfox in Kruppe's dream, with K'rul and T'lan Imass
2) Cotillion possesing Sorry/ Apsalar
3) Quick Ben & Kalam fighting Andii on rooftops
4) Rake and K'rul talking on K'rul's belfry
5) Rallick Nom and Vorcan entering Azath

Anonymous said...

The problem is the book has too many good moments.

Just from the start alone - the battle (of course), Quick Ben animating a puppet, young Paran and Whiskeyjack, Tiste Andi assassins falling from the sky...

I'm excited about this book

Anonymous said...

1. Rake vs. Demon
2. First appearance of Tool
3. The confrontation between Kalam, Quick Ben and the Tiste Andii
4.Shadowthrone en Cotillion discussing what to do with the fisherman's girl(sorry), the Hounds looming in the background

Anonymous said...

So So many....

1 Paran inside Dragnipur
2 The Beginning battle with Moons Spawn
3 Anomander vs. the Demon
4 Hounds ripping Hairlock apart
5 Crokus and/or Rallick Nom on the K'rul belfry/rooftops
6 Quick Ben & Kalam fighting Tiste Andii on rooftops
7 Paran meeting the reborn Tatersail

Anonymous said...

a lot of people have said "Rake vs demon", forgetting that he fights two very different demons in GotM... I assume most are referring to the Galayn Lord. Not that I'm in favour of using that scene, I just felt it needed clarification so people aren't disappointed.

I would really like a visualization of the assassin-trap with the Guild, Quick and Kalam and the Andii assassin-mages. One problem though: quick ben and all the andii are invisible, so it don't see that scene working too well.

The daru fete would work really well in my opinion. A large shot with rallick and turban orr dueling in the center, all sorts of costumed people watching, and in the background the estate's garden, with the bridgeburners in front and some shadowy figures in the trees. And of course a couple random mages in the crowd looking like they're going to throw up!

Aragos said...

Many good ideas here, my favourite: Rooftops.

Anonymous said...

Young Paran on the roof of Mock's Hold, looking up at WJ and Fid as they look over the burning Mouse quarter, maybe with Lassen walking out the doorway on to the roof.


Anonymous said...

1. the first time we see shadowthone and the rope (itko kan)
2. rake appearing on moonspawn
3. quick ben visiting shadowthrone
4. rake-as-dragon getting ready to plummet
5. rake dropping from the sky onto the rooftops (from the POV of pearl, tayschrenn's demon)

Anonymous said...

Quick Ben creating Talamandas would be really cool.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this competition is still open, but I don't see any mentions for this one yet:

Lorn attacking Kruppe's party in the plain. You could have her running towards the four, while they are preparing for battle - Coll charging on horseback, Murillio drawing his sword, etc.

Anonymous said...

2)malazan mages confronting rake
3)Tattesail arms upraised bellurdan attacking her
4)Kallor and Caladan brood talking
5)Tiste andii assassin looking at crokus after killing Talo
6)Tool and lorn
7)lorn fighting with crimson guard swordsman(avowed)