Hal Duncan contest winners!

Thanks to the folks at Pan MacMillan, our five winners will get their hands on a copy Hal Duncan's Vellum (Canada, USA, Europe) or Ink (Canada, USA, Europe). If you have yet to discover Duncan, I encourage you to read Vellum and be blown away!

For a copy of Vellum:

- Willem Lukusa, from Namur, Belgium

- Nils-Anders Nøttseter, from Oslo, Norway

- Keziah Dreaver, from Queens Park, Western Australia, Australia

- Irene Stucchi, from Cuggiono, Italy

For a copy of Ink:

- Gustav Nylund, from Lund, Sweden (sadface on asoiaf.westeros.org)

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

7 commentaires:

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

Thanks a lot.

I'm really, I mean really Happy about this!
Long time I've been waiting, and here it is.

Patience and a bit of luck always pay ^_^

Congrats to the winners and support to all participants for contests to come.


Willem LUKUSA (Alsem on Kevinwatch)

Anonymous said...

Will you look at that. Not a single winner from USA :)

I'm looking forward to my copy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy... That's a beautiful easter present!
Thanks and Happy Easter to all!

Irene Stucchi

Anonymous said...

Just an observation:

It seems that winners are either all from north america or all from elsewhere. With no exceptions.
Not a complaint by any means, just wondering if there's a reason.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book, Pat! It's about time I picked up Vellum for a re-read anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks very much, looking forward to reading this.


Unknown said...

Just received my Vellum. It's wonderful.
Thanks again Pat and Pan books!