New cover art for Kay Kenyon's CITY WITHOUT END

Another spectacular Martiniere cover!

Is it any wonder I'm trying to get a hold of this artist for a potential giveaway!?!

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Anonymous said...

He must not like you Pat. =) I have contacted him twice before and have gotten immediate responses. I have a print of his "A Shadow in Summer" cover hanging on my wall, and its amazing.

Mihai A. said...

I liked your blog before but now with the Lockwood giveaway and this one now, I love your blog.
Mihai, Dark Wolf (The Bookshelf Reviews)

Anonymous said...

I like Martiniere's style, but every SF/F cover of his starts looking the same. Person(s) in lower left corner of awesome looking other-world. Same scale in seemingly every case. The Kay Kenyon covers look very similar to his cover for Sanderson's Elantris and another book that I can't quite recall right now.