Mike Carey contest winners!

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Orbit, our two winners will each get a set of Mike Carey's Felix Castor books: The Devil you Know (Canada, USA, Europe), Vicious Circle (Canada, USA, Europe), and Dead Men's Boots (Canada, Europe).

The winners are:

- Matthias Koegler, from Innsbruck, Austria

- Kimberley Muffatti, from Lutwyche, Queensland, Australia (Shiara on malazanempire.com)

Thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Pat! I'll be camping out next to my letterbox for these - and the GotM Limited Edition I've also got coming :D

Anonymous said...

sorry - in a somewhat tired condition, I posted my comment on the entry above...
anyway, thanks again!
keep it up,